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Complete Avionics and Instrument Service

Bragg Avionics services many aircraft, from Cessna to King Air, pressurized and non-pressurized, light sport, experimental and helicopters. We are a certified calibration lab and can take care of all your avionics needs.

We service Class 1, 2 and 3 Avionics; Class 1, 2 and 3 Instruments and Limited Airframe.

Our Services Include:

  1. Avionics Installation and Repair

  2. Instrument and Autopilot Repairs

  3. New, Used and Portable Equipment Sales

  4. Custom Wiring Harness Fabrication

  5. Avionics Instruction

  6. Panel Planning and Modifications

  7. IFR, VFR, RVSM and WAAS Certification

  8. Pitot/Static Equipment and Testing

  9. CVR Beacon Inspections

  10. Part 135 and Company Policy Inspections

  11. Entertainment Installations

  12. Aircraft Pre-Buy Inspections, Avionics Inspections

  13. Microphone, Headphone and Headset Repairs

  14. Downlink Broadcast Installation and Troubleshooting

  15. SAT COM

  16. Software and Database Updates

  17. ELT Installations and Inspections

  18. CAPS Checks

  19. PSI System Tests

Authorized Dealer and Repair Facility

ACK, ACR, Air Cell, AmeriKing, ARC, Artex, ASA, Aspen, Astron, AstroTech, Avalex, Avidyne, AVMap, Becker, Bose, Century Flight Systems, Comant, Comm Innovations, DAC, David Clark, Davtron, Dekllin, Eaton, Edo Antenna Products, Flight Display Systems, Flight Line, FreeFlight Systems, Garmin, HeadsUp Technology, Icarus, ICOM, Jepessen, Kannad, KGS Electronics, King, Collins, L3, Lightspeed, Maycom, Mid-Continent, NAT, Pilot USA, Pointer, PS Engineering, Rami, Sandel, Sandia, Sennheiser, Shadin, Sigtronix, Staco, Technisonic, Telex, TKM, TransCal, WSI and many more.