Bragg Avionics is a family owned avionics installation and repair facility located on Craig Airport in Jacksonville, FL. The Bragg family has been in avionics since the 1950s and has combined experience of over 100 years.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best products with the greatest service possible. That means giving advice on or against a product or repair, telling the truth about a given situation, even if it means less work or a loss in a sale, and performing a job in a safe and timely manner while providing exceptional customer service.

We care about our clients and their aircraft. We understand how important an aircraft is to it’s owner and we take pride in our work and our clients. We feel in aviation, our clients are the cream of the crop. We are honored when someone chooses us for their avionics needs. We make every effort to satisfy and impress with superior work, attention to detail and all-encompassing client relations. 

We strive to re-earn the clients business with each visit.

Our Team

Mike Bragg

Mike started in 1984 as a technician’s apprentice where he was trained in troubleshooting avionics systems, components and wiring. He attended Florida Technical College in 1987, Aviation School of America in 1995 and in 1990 he was trained in instrument repair and calibration. He also receives additional training through different manufacturers at AEA events and publications each year.

In his free time, Mike enjoys boating, fishing and hunting. Mike became an officer in 1999 and is currently a Sergeant in the Reserves Unit of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

Tommy Bragg
Vice President

Tommy started his avionics career at a very young age, while attending high school he would work half a day as an apprentice. After high school he attended a local technical college where he learned the fundamentals of electronics and shortly after became an avionics technician. He received his private pilot’s license in 1969. Tommy attended numerous manufacturer’s training like King and Narco and in 1975 he got his A&P License. In 1985 he went to instrument school and in 1990 he received his IA License.

In his free time, Tommy enjoys antique cars and aviation history but his true passion is music.